Hi! I hope you’re here to find your everyday wild and have some fun. Though I have big ears (the better to listen), and I’m no psychologist, one review called my memoir, The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer an “accidental self-help book” (buy print copies or ebook and read an excerpt on the “Look Inside” feature here). In it, I “sowed wild oats,” finally, at age 37, amidst everyday life and motherhood, in conservative Colorado Springs. I was a preacher’s daughter who never went wild, so really, the book is about overcoming fear and becoming Real. But really really, it was a work-around: I made a project out of doing a bunch of things I was taught would send me straight to hell IN ORDER to learn how to overcome fear. Over those 14 weeks, I became an expert at doing things I’d never done with Intention.

PicsArt_02-13-09.05.17-01As the Wild Oat expert, I help people do things for the first time…WITH INTENTION. In my Wild Oat Outings–WOOs!–I lead people through sowing their wild oats.

What have you always wanted to do? What have you regretted you never tried? Working from the list of what I did for The Oat Project, we meet for a couple of hours and dig into why you’ve never done this, why now, what you think will happen, hopes and fears. Then we go and do that Wild Oat (dancing, skinny dipping, naked hot springs, strip club, gay bar, tattoo, for examples) together, meeting up afterwards to record the experience and dig into what we learned, experienced, hated, loved, and how it changed us. Find more info and how to sign up here! <<<WOO launches Summer 2018! Stay tuned!

You may become one of my “incubator” community on Patreon, here, seeing new work before anyone else, including a slowly-growing mystery novel set on a California beach.

I blog on this site here , read why and how the craziness that was 2016–including The Speech–happened here, on life and schtuff here, see my photography and art-making (sanity) on Instagram here, see videos of stories from my stint at The Story Project here, ANNNND find me on the Faceverse here. Phew! And more soon, lol.



21477_10153907785077612_7684550318182004550_nWith openhearted non-judgement and dancing grace, author Jené Jackson navigates the spirals of being a writer/editor, singer, actor, amateur photographer, and–the WILDEST–a single mother of three beloved souls. She grew up as a Nazarene pastor’s daughter and holds a B.A. in political science from Southern Nazarene University. Jené is active and embedded in the Colorado Springs arts community and has: run a bookstore, sold advertising, told stories onstage, acted in plays, sung in cabaret, hang glided at 2000 feet above the Earth (only once, dear reader, only once), and is regularly escorted by ravens and crows.

If you would like Jené to speak at your event, conference, or festival on how to integrate the Wild, writing, memoir, or would like to schedule a WOO in your town, please use the the contact form below.

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