One Year Ago Today: Mess, Humanity, Bernie Sanders

These beautiful people!

One year ago today, I gave my first political speech. The whole story is hereFB_IMG_1489349416734

It kicked off a juggernaut of a year, in which I ended up a national delegate representing thousands of Coloradans in Philadelphia (read about the rest HERE). A year later, I would love to neatly package up my thoughts and feelings about it all, but I don’t know if I can…life’s messy, isn’t it? Some parts are even still sinking in.

I could glibly mourn Bernie Sanders’ loss, the loss of that nascent hope he awakened, and the loss of innocence from being directly involved in the VERY messy political process. But I don’t think Bernie thinks of it as a NET loss, and neither do I. He illuminated the (herd of) elephants in our nation’s “room” by talking about issues no one else would even acknowledge. He awakened me and millions of others to participation (more on what that looked like soon). And that awakening will pay out for the future of our nation (it WILL).

So my hope has actually increased. And though I’m not yet running for office or anything, I’m still getting involved in the ways I can.

And that loss of innocence? Well, I think it was a loss of naiveté that HAD to happen, like the difference between reading romance novels and having a real relationship. The political process is SUPPOSED to be messy, because it’s HUMAN.

In one delegate discussion, someone once commented that if only we could circumvent messy humans and use machines and robots, the political process would be SO much better. But she was wrong. As wrong as it’s possible to be.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from participating in this year, it’s that face-to-face is crucial. It’s the key to retaining humanity in politics…which is the point, yes? Because that’s what “politics” is, after all: the management of ourselves.

I still believe in face to face, as uncomfortable as it can be…in the power of coffee…in the power of mess…in the power of people. Okay, so that’s a little glib…but it’s also true. 😉

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