Whether it’s to illuminate in a speech, illustrate in a story, or excavate via an interview, I love the magic that happens with an audience when on a stage. I’ve officiated weddings, told stories for live audiences, acted out a reading from The Oat Project, and more. Stay tuned for Periscoping, podcasting, and vlogging soon. For now, enjoy these. 🙂


In Me

I’ve told three stories for a program here in Colorado Springs called The Story Project, live, local storytelling without a script. In January 2016, I told a story from The Oat Project’s dancing chapter, about one of the best moments in my life.


My Mother’s Last Gifts

In May 2014, I told of my mom’s last lessons and gifts. Getting this story out was so. very. difficult. On stage was the first time I made it through without breaking down. But I knew if I could do this, stand at a pulpit in front of almost 300 people to give my mom’s eulogy, then it would be fine. Please hug your mother extra for me.


On First Love

This story is embedded in The Oat Project, there and not there. It is of finally knowing myself and knowing my heart.