The WOOs! Wild Oat Outings

Which “wild oats” have you always wanted to sow? Did you never go a little wild? What fears have you not yet faced?

Did you go completely wild but skipped things that scared you too much? What happens to wild oats unsown?

It’s TIME to Integrate the Wild…let’s WOO!

PicsArt_02-13-09.05.17I’ve been searching my heart for a way to share more directly with you lovely people what I learned while finally sowing my wild oats in The Oat Project: How I Finally Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer. And then, eureka!

I know how to intentionally–and that’s the key word–sow a wild oat. Though I do think some wild oat sowing should be done in youth (I didn’t), IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! So many friends and even strangers have told me of how they, too, feel stuck, like they’ve reached adulthood without exploring the Wild inside themselves.

Facing our fear in small, perhaps even silly ways and amidst community can make us better able to face ALL fears and navigate ALL life with intention. I did this as The Oat Project, in which I sowed over 20 wild oats in one wild summer. Doing the project and then writing and publishing the book, I began to learn how to push through fear, ways to become braver, and how to create habits of freedom. I would be honored to pass what I learned on to you in a more intimate, focused, and intentional setting and way…thus, THE WOOs! Wild Oat Outings. (Find the Facebook event here.)

In each WOO, I’ll walk with you as you sow a wild oat! The point is FUN, yes, but we will also dive deeply into the whys, hows, and what happeneds of sowing one wild oat TOGETHER. Together, we’ll face our fears, support each other while doing the wild oat, and debrief and celebrate after getting it DONE.

Here’s how they’ll go:

We meet up a couple of hours before venturing into the Wild to dive into Why we’ve not yet done this thing, what we think we know, what we think will happen, our hopes and fears about it, how we think it might change us.

We go DO the thing, sow a wild oat together! Though this is your wild oat to sow–I can’t do it for you, after all–I’ll be there to walk/run/dance through it with you.

We meet up afterwards for a couple of hours to celebrate and dig into what happened, what didn’t happen, what surprised, frightened, and amused us…and to decide how we can expand the impact of actuallyreallyfinally doing this task into all areas of our lives…how will we let it change us? What other fears and wildnesses will we face and integrate as a result?

As a WOO-er, you get:

  • A composition notebook and pen, which we use to work through before and after sowing the wild oat.
  • A pocket-size notebook, to make notes during the WOO.
  • A signed copy of The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer, the memoir that started it all.
  • Exclusive, lifetime access to the WOO secret Facebook group, where we keep in touch, post photos, talk about what happened, and share what other wildnesses we’d like to explore.
  • A WOO badge sticker for EACH wild oat you sow with me. Collect them all to be a WOO Master. 🙂

A couple of notes:

  • This is not for women only! Men are welcome, too, though there will be one or two gender-specific versions (like skinny-dipping and naked hot springing) for those who need it to overcome the fear.
  • The one rule I followed in The Oat Project was that I was not allowed to combine wild oats…in other words, I couldn’t get drunk to overcome fear. A little tipsy? Sure. I had a drink when I went clubbing, lesbian clubbing, at a rock concert, and a couple of other tasks. But never drunk. The whole point was to face fear, not sidestep it. So, the WOOs are meant to be done sober…for the most part. We’ll have a glass of champagne afterwards to toast each other for finishing!

First up! Clubbing (dancing), reading erotica, naked hot-springs-ing, strip club, smoking a cigarette, and sex store! Stay tuned here or on my Facebook page for event announcements and scheduling. AND as I work out the kinks of these events, you can get them at special introductory prices! One-time, Buddy two-fer, or 5-WOO punch card, all are at LEAST half off of their eventual rates. So SIGN UP NOW! 🙂


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