• Hi, I'm Jené.

    Wild. Brave. Raw. My mission is to inspire us all to curiosity, courage & the leap off the cliff through adventures, entrepreneurship, writing & speaking.


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    I'm hiking Italy

    I'm going to walk from as far north as I can get, in the Dolomites of the Alps, to the southernmost point on Sicily, starting in September 2023!

    You can join in and support:

    Donate to the travel/gear fund & read more about the plan & process


    Buy stuff I make:

    YoniFlower leggings & clothing

    LowKeyMad shirts/hats

    My first book, a memoir


    Coming soon: my YouTube channel's Italy broadcasts

  • News & Events

    Remember last summer? I did a mini project roadtrip to go see my mother's grave in Tennessee on her birthday, my first visit since she died in 2012. I photographed light, trees, flowers, reflections, churches, and incongruities along the way, and interviewed my 87 yo uncle about my mom and family. And now it's going to be a solo show at the well-respected gallery, The Garfield, opening on September 1st! I hope you'll come see it! This will also be the first send-off for the next travel book project, The Boot by Boot, where I'm walking the length of Italy. So come say hi and bye! See more details at this link:

  • Many Ways for You to Support the Hike-Italy Attempt!


    This initial crowdfund is for plane tickets, gear, and the northern stage's lodging. Thank you so much for chipping in where you can.



    YoniFlowerCollections store, with leggings and activewear

    LowKeyMad, my Etsy t-shirt and hat store


    My new writing-of-all-kinds home is called "This Little Light of Mine," on Substack. New thoughts, quotes & essays for you often.


    Stay tuned for the main, big crowdfund for the book The Boot by Boot on Kickstarter, launching in late August!

  • A Memoir

    I did 25 wild things in 14 weeks over the summer of 2007, while being a wife and mother of three. It's my "pre-therapy book."

    It took me over nine years to finish crafting The Oat Project: How I faced my fear and came of age in one wild summer.

    It changed my life.


    *2nd edition soon to be released, with a new forward and cover. So if you want this original cover, don't wait!

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    MISS JACKSON'S 10x10

    A Phone Photography Workshop

  • for you

    Pandemic Lockdown, Day 1

    by Jene' Jackson


    I woke late today thinking it had snowed

    That singular silence

    Muffled and pristine

    As though no one has ever been

    Before me

    To hear the sounds

    Of the earth

    Air and wind


    But no, sunlight dappled my bedroom's shades

    Calling me to rise to

    A newly silent city.

    To be in the light


    How long has it been since the Earth woke like I did?

    She, too, rose late today

    And wondered

    At the silence.

    A hundred years

    since she could hear the wind without the car

    The grass without the mower

    The rushing water in the brook river gutters without the rushing people’s frantic calls to hurry or they'd be late.

    She rose to stand in her back door

    As I did

    To make sure it hadn't snowed, and

    Like I did,

    stood very still and heard

    All things green pushing themselves to the Sun

    Their yearning

    Magnificent and grand and

    Quiet as snow.

    So much of her Self

    she had tamped down trampled tamed

    Yoked to her people.

    Her kindly brutal nurturing

    Nature bled of its power to heal and grow and bring forth life itself

    In a bud or the sea or me.



    Years since

    we woke


    this silence.

    Ah, there goes the first car down my street.

    I can go to the store for food now.

    Maybe I'll walk.


    Editing, Consulting, Speaking

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    Bright, tight, and beautiful. I take very few clients, but my red pen is yours for competitive rates: manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, and line editing for flow. Email me!

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    I've been called "a human idea popcorn popper" and have helped businesses, friends, and even strangers to overcome, shift their metaphors, and innovate. Let me help you take brainstorming in unexpected directions! Reach out!

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    My mission is to inspire transformation & catalyze growth for stuck seekers & organizations by changing how we see "lost time," grounded in the fact that Life Is Worth Itself (LIWI). Let's connect!

  • Book Clubs, Speaking & more

    Book Clubs

    To have Jene' at your book club to answer questions and discuss her memoir and writing "in person" via Zoom, phone, or facetime, email her. She even has a list of discussion questions for you, gratis.


    Jene' on Facebook

    She posts often, sharing thoughts and life, and livestream events often, especially art! Join her there!


    Jene' on Instagram

    Where she posts photos of the beauty in the mundane and everyday life...even the occasional cat/s photo.


    Speaking Inquiries

    Jene' speaks about Lost Time, walking Italy from top to bottom, and both the craft of editing and writing memoir. Virtually and at select in-person events, inquire about hiring Jene' to speak, drop her an email.

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    Read travel stories, thoughts, rants & plans on my Substack home, delivered straight to you.


    Check out these brilliant folks!

    Said, "Do it!" on the Italy project, stellar person, artist, and educator

    Hiking chum & cheerleader, go buy her art now before she gets famous!

    Evelyn Steel Coaching

    Women's life coach for life's "second half" and rewiring for wealth. You need her!

    Colorado Springs’ only maker’s market with unique artisans, crafters, makers, and food...see me there!

    Graphic designer extraordinaire, hire her for solid and inspired work.

    Lots of great (often free) marketing resources

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  • About: Jené is an Author, Entreprenuer, and an Effervescent Catalyst

    Jené is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Her memoir, The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer, about how she finally sowed her wild oats, has been called “raw,” “courageous,” and “fearless.” She is working on her first novel and second big project, The Boot by Boot, which will also be a memoir to inspire.


    Though known for her writing, speaking, and idea-generation, Jené is an accomplished photographer and runs two online stores, YoniFlower Collections and LowKeyMad, for which she designs all product.


    By authentically and joyfully connecting with friends, strangers, and audiences, Jené is challenging the status quo, shifting how we judge “lost” time and life’s worth, and leaping off metaphorical cliffs to learn from risk, inspiring people to say, “I never thought about it that way.”


    Jené was raised all over the U.S. as a preacher’s daughter before finally rebelling. She is a single mom of three, a GenXer in midlife, in menopause, has POTS, and is finally becoming who she is.

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